Monday Motivation: a good story


One day the story of your life will be told. Now is not the time to tell it. Now is the time to write it. Be a good writer!

A good story, whether a novel or a movie, needs intrigue, a captivating plot that keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. We often speak of a book that is a page-turner where you can’t wait to discover what will happen next.

It is possible to create this intrigue through an enemy plotting against the main character. The fate of the world is often at stake in such storylines and while I find it exciting, I do not expect to experience anything like that myself. My karate skills have not been exercised in at least 40 years and I have not pulled the trigger of a gun in about 25 years. There must be someone somewhere with better skills to save the world.

While intrigue is always important, a story will usually engage you when you can identify with a character in the story. In such stories, intrigue is often created by a misunderstanding between characters. Such a misunderstanding can result from one character pretending to be something he or she is not. Or by a character lying or not telling what they know, think or feel.

I have read or watched so many stories, thinking ‘If they only sat down with one another and spoke openly and honestly, the whole matter will be a thing of the past. All will be well!’ The problem is that that will make for a boring story that readers or viewers will lose interest in. As a result, characters will lie, deceive and pretend to keep the outcome uncertain and you on the edge of your seat or screaming with laughter.

That is great for a fictional story but I want my life to be different than a story created to keep readers engaged. I want to know where I stand with you and I want you to know where you stand with me. The intrigue in my life should not be the result of my lies or deception or pretence. It should be the result of the goals and challenges I take on.

Today I challenge you to simplify the plot of your life by being open, honest and upfront. No games. No pretence. No deception. I am who I am and I am not going to hide it or pretend otherwise. No one will be in doubt about where I stand or where they stand with me.

The Bible says it like this.

When you make a promise, say only “Yes” or “No.” Anything else comes from the devil.
Mat 5:37 CEV

  • If you are dating someone, let them know where they stand with you. No guessing.
  • If you are angry with someone, explain it to them. Don’t just glare or ignore them.
  • If you admire someone, tell them!
  • If you are in doubt about anything, ask!

Simplify the plot of your life and focus your energy on what really matters!

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
Joh 8:32 NLT

May you have a great week doing significant things that will become a great story to tell. May the story of your life become an epic tale told to encourage and uplift. Don’t become a soapie bogged down in needless intrigue.

Your comments will be treasured!

Reon Louw


2 responses to “Monday Motivation: a good story”

  1. Yes, Reon! Ambiguity, complexity, intrigue, (as you so rightly call it) and embellishment do not necessarily denote intelligence, worth or maturity. Too often these just add noise, as opposed to value, to that which has the potential to be delightfully straightforward, honest and simple. Masks must fall! 🙂

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  2. Thanks Reon, just this week I wrote to our church council only to receive a disappointing response to which I responded with my sadness of the situation. However since I decided to be open and honest about some of the matters, I have established that there are so many others who feel the same way and like me, all want to help. If I had not written this we may well all still be glaring at each other or guessing.The challenge for me is always how to do this in a gentle but assertive manner.

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