God’s Frequently Asked Questions 1


Did you know that God asks questions? And did you know that every now and then he will ask a question of you? Today I’m starting a series on those questions. Keep an eye out for these posts: God’s FAQ if you will. Today it will double up as a Monday Motivation post.

Let’s jump right in.

Moses was given a huge task, one that was much bigger than he could accomplish on his own. He was intimidated and overwhelmed. And God asked him a question. (Ex 4:2)

Many years later Jesus’ disciples were worried about thousands of people going hungry and asked him to send them away to find food for themselves. It would take more than half a year’s wages to give them each a piece of bread and the disciples thought this to be too much. However, Jesus wanted to feed the crowd and asked his disciples a question. (Mark 6: 37-38) Basically the same question he asked Moses.

There may be times in your life when the future intimidates you or when you are overwhelmed by the challenge you are facing. You may be worried about something and it is quite possible that God is asking you the same question that he asked of Moses and of the disciples.

This question brought about two things. Firstly, it gave Moses and the disciples something to do immediately. And secondly, it led them to what God was going to do. The surprising, miraculous, amazing thing that only God could do.

Are you interested in the question yet? It is not difficult to answer!

The question God frequently asks of you and me is this:

What is in your hand?


And the message is simply this: Do what you are able to do with what you have. Bring to God what you have in your hand right now and make it available. It does not matter that what you have in your hand is not up to the task at hand. Don’t wait until you have all you need. Move forward with what you have by making it available to God. The next step will blow your mind!

May you move forward this week as you take action with what you already have in your hand. We serve a generous, amazing God who loves surprising us.


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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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