Open the eyes of my heart, Lord (1-3)


This series of three blog posts based on a favourite worship song has a single purpose. It is my hope that you will be motivated to pray a prayer that will have a very significant impact on you. I want to introduce this series to you with three statements.

  1. Sometimes we are blinded to something and do not even know it. This is a tragic situation where we do not even know what we do not know.
  2. We do not live in a world where we have to find God wherever he is and then get his attention. We live in a world where God comes to us and reveals who he is and what he is about.
  3. The good news is that you do not have to open your eyes. You do not even need to understand what you are blinded to. We live in a world where our God actively participates in our lives and he is willing and able to open our eyes.

As this series was published, many people (from all over the world) responded positively. Most communicated just to say thank you and confirm the message. Some used the material provided as a daily reading and study, others as a source in the preparation of sermons. However you use it, here is my invitation to you:

Let’s pray this prayer! For real. In earnest. With faith.

I want to live my life with my eyes wide open since I want to see all there is to see. It is unwise to live in denial. And even unwiser to think what you know today is all there is to know. Here are the links to the posts. They are short and easy to read. If you pray this prayer after reading each one, I have succeeded. Please share it with someone who may appreciate it too. If you are not inspired to pray it, please tell me what I can do to improve.


(Your comments will be welcomed and treasured, even if you disagree. Quite possibly you can add something of value. Please be bold and free to do so.

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Previous series

God’s Frequently Asked Questions

It is very helpful to access the FAQ folder whenever you are struggling with something. Very often you will find that you are not alone in struggling to understand something. And understanding the questions on somebody’s heart will give you great insight into who that person is, especially if you are intent on a relationship with that person. Knowing the questions God frequently asks will help you in many ways.

One response to “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord (1-3)”

  1. […] Considering this, I do not wish to have us agree about everything either. I have strong and passionate opinions and would expect the same of you. My life is based on the things I believe, and those things are very dear to me as they are hard-won and tested in the study, sometimes in pain and always with endurance. I would expect the same to be true of you. (See my previous series ‘Open the eyes of my heart’ here.) […]


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