• Impossible math

    Impossible math

    It is extremely foolish to count a child of God out. And even more foolish for a child of God to give up…

  • Wisdom – why is it so elusive?

    Wisdom – why is it so elusive?

    Methinks every Christian should be wise. Wisdom should be in abundance amongst us. If this is so, then why do we have so many unwise Christians? Why is it that we find wisdom so elusive? Join Reon as he sheds some light on this very important aspect of our Christian walk.

  • Worship – if only we knew how to do it well

    Worship – if only we knew how to do it well

    To worship is to show a lot of love and adoration for something or someone. And it is nearly impossible to do well on a Sunday morning in church. In another broadcast on practical faith, Reon addresses this essential topic. You cannot be a Christian who does not worship and you should be able to…

  • The secret of the secret place

    The secret of the secret place

    Understanding the value of private intimacy with your Lord. Every Christian should have times of solitude and private intimacy with our Lord. The noise around us and the pressures of the rat race makes it a difficult goal.

  • Praying for yourself

    Praying for yourself

    This is not self-indulgence but the key to a life well-lived. Reon shares five prayers that we should be praying for ourselves but we are not.

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