• Creative Genius

    Creative Genius

    Face your challenges boldly as you pray this prayer.

  • Finished!


    God is not done with you! And this is the best of news!

  • Letters in the sand

    Letters in the sand

    This blogging thing is hard work. I am still very new at this and have found it interesting to read about the struggles of others doing the same thing. In the move from being a consumer of social media to creating content, I have also taken a greater interest in other Christian bloggers. We live…

  • Open the eyes of my heart, Lord (1)

    Paul Baloche, the famous worship leader and songwriter, says that the “bottom line of praise and worship music is to get people to sing their prayers.” He certainly got this right for me when he wrote ‘Open the eyes of my heart, Lord’. Open the eyes of my heart Lord Open the eyes of my…

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