• I will not go underground

    I will not go underground

    Two very different news items confirmed this week how dark the times are we live in. Read here for a response.

  • Let’s pray for our children!

    Let’s pray for our children!

    I am deeply grateful for the prayers of my grandmother and mother. During my childhood, I often heard them pray for my brother and myself. It was a humbling experience and over the years gave me confidence so often when faced with adversity or challenges. About ten months ago, I posted a number of scriptures…

  • You should volunteer

    This coming week South Africans will be celebrating Mandela Day on Thursday, 18 July. It is a day where everyone makes an extra effort to volunteer time and effort to improve some aspect of our communities and by extension our country. Celebrated on Nelson Mandela’s birthday in memory of the 67 years of his life…

  • Who is your daddy?

    Let’s start this blog on a personal note: My whole life changed in the moments my children were born. Nothing that came before mattered anymore and every day since they have each brought joy to my life. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling experience than knowing them, loving them and getting to know them better…

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