• Journaling – God still speaks

    Journaling – God still speaks

    The lack of hearing and responding to God’s voice may be the most detrimental poverty any of us can face. No Christian should be without a journal. And, yes, that includes you!

  • Less is more

    Less is more

    Learn how to become a better Christian by doing less. Yes! You should pray less, read your Bible less, worship less, go to church less. The list goes on and doing less of all these things will make you a better Christian!

  • 8 reasons to love God’s Word

    8 reasons to love God’s Word

    8 scriptures to meditate on regarding God’s Word. The Bible is beautiful and brings hope. It causes faith to grow in your heart. I hope these words will fill your thoughts in the days ahead.

  • 4 PRAYERS for the NEW YEAR

    4 PRAYERS for the NEW YEAR

    There are four prayers for 2022 burning in my heart. Join me for a live event where we can pray together!

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