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  • King of the Castle

    King of the Castle

    King of the Castle is the new book recently published by Peter Jones. In this interview, you hear his heart and discover the trap of addiction. But you also get the answer. You can be free!

  • Did you make God smile today?

    Did you make God smile today?

    Is there a greater joy than bringing a smile to the faces of those you love? Knowing just what to do to light up their faces? Do you know what makes God smile?

  • Have you ever?

    Have you ever?

    Recently posted on social media, these memes evoked a strong response as they challenged our often secular worldview. How do you know whether you have a secular worldview? Instead of directing or debating every opinion, you can just measure how much media you consume against the time you spend reading your Bible. It is so […]

  • Impossible math

    Impossible math

    It is extremely foolish to count a child of God out. And even more foolish for a child of God to give up…