• Quotes from ‘Faith that moves mountains’

    Quotes from ‘Faith that moves mountains’

    The response to the recent series ‘Faith that moves mountains’ has been tremendous. We received a number of requests for the quotes shared on social media. Here is how we are going to distribute them.

  • Faith that moves mountains IV

    Faith that moves mountains IV

    God’s purpose for you is that you will love Him with all your being for all eternity. The problem is that you cannot love Him if you do not know Him. To solve this problem, He sent Jesus to show us who He (God) is.

  • Faith that moves mountains III

    Faith that moves mountains III

    The single most important factor in your life right now is the people praying for you. Do you have such people? Do they pray a lot? Eloquently? With a lot of love? Or do they pray with great faith? The only thing that matters is that they pray with great faith!

  • Faith that moves mountains II

    Faith that moves mountains II

    A recipe works best with the right ingredients. Do you know the ingredients of great faith?

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