• A Lockdown Perspective

    Staring down the barrel of a gun Several years ago, I became a South African statistic when I was hijacked at gunpoint. It was tragic to lose my car, but I will never forget what it felt like to stare down the barrel of a gun. The two robbers were pumped on adrenaline and maybe…

  • Lockdown Priorities

    Right now, there is a lot of noise out there about the pandemic and I do not want to add to it unnecessarily. However, I think that within the noise and the uncertainty many of us are losing sight of what should be our highest priorities in this time. Here is what I think should…

  • Creative Genius

    Creative Genius

    Face your challenges boldly as you pray this prayer.

  • Surprising  Kind  Amazing

    Surprising Kind Amazing

    A true story of God’s surprising kindness.

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