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  • Who is your daddy?

    Let’s start this blog on a personal note: My whole life changed in the moments my children were born. Nothing that came before mattered anymore and every day since they have each brought joy to my life. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling experience than knowing them, loving them and getting to know them better […]

  • Journey towards life

    I am alive. So many things I can do and so much to see and experience. So much potential in who I can become in living, doing and experiencing. But it is not to be.  Slowly I discover that I am told what to do. I have no say and my opinion does not matter. […]

  • Before and after

    I love Easter! The chocolate. The hot cross buns*. The long weekend with TWO extra days. The Autumn weather here in South Africa. The list can be much longer but let’s focus on the principal reason and a new reason. The principal reason is obvious and eclipses all the others completely and utterly. I love […]