• Wisdom – why is it so elusive?

    Wisdom – why is it so elusive?

    Methinks every Christian should be wise. Wisdom should be in abundance amongst us. If this is so, then why do we have so many unwise Christians? Why is it that we find wisdom so elusive? Join Reon as he sheds some light on this very important aspect of our Christian walk.

  • Less is more

    Less is more

    Learn how to become a better Christian by doing less. Yes! You should pray less, read your Bible less, worship less, go to church less. The list goes on and doing less of all these things will make you a better Christian!

  • Did you make God smile today?

    Did you make God smile today?

    Is there a greater joy than bringing a smile to the faces of those you love? Knowing just what to do to light up their faces? Do you know what makes God smile?

  • Faith that moves mountains IV

    Faith that moves mountains IV

    God’s purpose for you is that you will love Him with all your being for all eternity. The problem is that you cannot love Him if you do not know Him. To solve this problem, He sent Jesus to show us who He (God) is.

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