• Praying for yourself

    Praying for yourself

    This is not self-indulgence but the key to a life well-lived. Reon shares five prayers that we should be praying for ourselves but we are not.

  • King of the Castle

    King of the Castle

    King of the Castle is the new book recently published by Peter Jones. In this interview, you hear his heart and discover the trap of addiction. But you also get the answer. You can be free!

  • Journey of Hope

    Journey of Hope

    In my most-watched video broadcast yet, Harold and Charline openly share their infertility journey of over ten years. You will gain insight into the challenges of the journey. And you will be inspired by their faith.

  • Castor oil for your soul

    Castor oil for your soul

    My grandmother believed in castor oil. She believed that this nearly magical potion would prevent many ailments and heal even more. As a result, we had to line up for a tablespoon of castor oil at irregular intervals. I think the timing of our next dose of this miracle oil was often determined by her…

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